Our rates










Payment Conditions



100% at delivery.
Translation jobs over 25 pages:
30% upfront and 70% at delivery.


50% upfront and 50% at service provision.


100% at delivery

Linguistic training for enterprises:

100% at the agreed timeframe.

Delivery deadlines

Lexikon commits itself to respect all deadlines as agreed with the client. An average of 5 translated pages per working day should be expected.

Additional rates

Translations with tight deadlines will be subject to an additional rate of 30%.
Translations done from an audio and video source will be subject to an additional rate of 30%.

Client's Satisfaction

Lexikon assures you Quality of the Service provided. Thus, and assuring 100% satisfaction, Lexikon will reimburse the client if (s)he is not fully satisfied with the job up to the amount of the service provided and after verification by Lexikon's Board that the service provided does not comply with the quality requisites stipulated and assured by Lexikon.



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